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PRE-riding. Nature, horses, laughs, friends... The perfect combination of psychology and techniques RIDING PEDAGÓGICA to prepare the "little ones" riders ... while you spend "big". PURA HAPPY CHILDHOOD PURE NATURE PURE PRE-RIDING

The electromagnetic field Horse

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According to researchers, the heart has a larger electromagnetic field and a higher level of intelligence than the brain: a magnetometer can measure the energy field of the heart that radiates up 3 meters around the human body. While this is certainly significant, It is perhaps more impressive once the electromagnetic field projected through the heart of the horse is five times greater than the human (Imagine a sphere-shaped field around you completely). The electromagnetic field of the horse is also stronger than ours and can directly influence our own heart rate!

Published the new rules of competition ANCCE Cup Dressage 2019

They have already been published new competition bases ANCCE Cup Dressage for 2019, as a novelty, and after sponsorship reached branded animal nutrition COVAP, renamed Copa ANCCE Doma COVAP Clásica.En these new bases has remained one more year 30% discount for full members of ANCCE in the registration of participants copies, and they are included between the main modifications:

Natalia Bacariza shines in Wellington: winner in Junior and Young Riders

The eighth week of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival which was held in Wellington, He addressed in the program Youth Championships, international events dedicated to children, where the absolute triumph of the Spanish rider Natalia Bacariza held seventeen.

The tests for different categories were conducted over four days and completed them, Natalia Bacariza stood as champion in both Junior and Young Riders.

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